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Thursday 26 January 2012

Winners from Creepfest

I've finally recovered from the worst jet-lag of my life. I've spent two weeks feeling like I was bitch-slapped by a boeing, which is no where near as much fun as it sounds.

So I've managed to pick the winners from the comments, which was hard because they were all very, very good. I settled it by writing the screen names out, putting them on my cork-board thingy, and throwing tacks at them. Need I point out my aim is awful?

First Prize goes to T.K. Millin.
2nd tack - erm, prize, hit Lori, the 3rd landed square between Netta and Julie, so in the interest of fairness (also, I ran out of tacks) I'll be sending them both copies of Basement Blues.

I'll be dropping you an email shortly if your details are traceable through your comments; otherwise please contact me at jhsked[at] so I can get your goodies to you.

I hope you guys had an amazing Christmas and New Year. Mine was awesome -  I'll be posting about my trip to Oz shortly. Complete with a rant regarding feeding economy class anything that produces intestinal gas.