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Thursday 22 May 2014

Saying farewell to a good man.

This past Monday was my uncle's funeral. He was a good man, and treated me like his own daughter, and I will miss him fiercely. This is for him.


When you step through the doorway
To the next world, to those that went before
Leave the door open just a touch
Just a little so
Those you leave behind still 
Hear your laughter, feel the touch 
Of your hand on their shoulder
Know that you wait for us in the Summerlands.

In the days to come, when grief stabs
Hard and sharp and leaving us breathless
Whisper from the door just a little
So those you leave behind
Remember the good times and know
(Jimi kicking off and the way you smiled to hear it)
That we'll meet again in the Summerlands.

And when you hear us through the doorway
The kids growing, tumbling like puppies
Those left behind sharing sorrow and joy
And bittersweet moments, 
Anticipating what you would have said
Know that you were loved.
I will see you again in the Summerlands.