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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mid-week news & Guest blogs to come

Some great news (excuse me while I have a fan girl moment) is that Thea Atkinson is going to be guest blogging for me in a couple of weeks. I can't wait!

If you haven't come across Thea's writing yet, do yourself a favor and head over to Amazon or Smashwords - the lady has a range of books out and they all absolutely rock. I'd recommend starting with Formed of Clay and hitting the rest as fast as possible.
You can follow her on twitter @theaatkinson or check out her excellent site here. And she had a birthday this week, so happy belated birthday, Thea.

Mary Beeson (also known as @xchylerconn at twitter) just had Keizara Part 1 and 3479 published by Solstice. I'm so proud of her - I saw one of the early drafts of Keizara and it's a great little read. I'm looking forward to settling down with my copy of 3479 this coming weekend.

Joe Garraty (@JosephGarraty) has The Q Bomb up on both Smashwords and Amazon - if you like a bit of fun sci-fi, this is perfect to fill up your lunch hour.

And last but not least - a quick shout out to everyone following me on twitter and this site. If I haven't followed you back it's because with my usual flair for technology, every time I try Google has hysterics and dies on me. S J Wist - if you read this, all I've been able to access is the artwork on your Google profile - if you can put a blog link in the comments, that'd be great.

The other reason for not following on twitter is if I can't read any of your posts because they aren't in English (sorry, but if I can't read you I have no idea what's happening, or if we'll connect), or if all I see on a profile is a series of tweeted links, which gets you blocked and reported for spam.

The other reason is if your opinions and comments are polar opposites to mine. You're perfectly entitled to them, since they are your opinions. But if reading them raises my blood pressure, I'm just not going there.

There's enough nastiness on the net already, I have no inclination to add it to my life or my twitter-stream voluntarily.


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