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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Warm fuzzies from Operation E-book drop

I got the nicest e-mail yesterday from one of the troops who downloaded WolfSong. Just a couple of quick lines saying thanks - but it really made my day.

Someone living and working in pretty difficult conditions took the time and energy to send me this. I can't say how much it means, especially after one bitch-kitty of a week on several levels.

I've had a couple of these now, and every single letter, although brief, has been courteous, friendly, and very welcome indeed.

Operation e-book Drop provides electronic copies of books free to serving troops and their families. It's a very worthy cause, so if you write and publish electronically,  think about giving it a go.

J H Sked is the author of WolfSong & Basement Blues.
You can find WolfSong on Amazon, Sony  e-bookstore, Nook and Smashwords. Basement Blues is on Amazon and Smashwords