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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Coming Home - the Carsons

Almost a month ago, I posted a very short blog about a soldier who contacted me regarding Operation e-book drop, and tweeted about it.

I got a tweet back, and a comment from Bert Carsons, and started swapping a bit of banter. A couple of days later, his wife Christina, joined in, then Kathy Hall and Dannie Hill. Great bunch of people, and talented writers - I'm having to eke out my book buying, but trust me, you don't want to miss this bunch - and if you're on twitter, hit them up - I'll their tweet handles at the bottom of this post. At the very least, you'll want to look at their blogs (and if Dannie & Kathy don't have you in stitches, there's a good chance your sense of humour fell off at the last stop).

The last couple of weeks have been difficult - stress levels I've never had before, and hope to never achieve again. A couple friends I've made on twitter - Teresa, Rayray, Rebecca,  Lorraine and Mhairi Simpson have helped with a great deal of it just by being hysterically funny.

The Carsons - and I'm definitely including both here, because I've never come across a couple that seem to function so symbiotically; these two go together like bare feet and beach sand - have been a reason for to get up in the morning.

Bert Carsons started making whooping noises about WolfSong. He tweeted me about it, he told Christina about it, he tweeted me some more.

Then he started tweeting quotes from my book. Then he got Iggy Pintado to retweet it and suggested I follow him (of course I did), and Iggy promptly DM'd and offered to retweet something for me.

Let's just say that I've been floating on air for most of this weekend.

The part that blows me away about all this is that Bert did all of this off his own bat. And it's not like he's got that much free time on his hands; he has three books out, two more coming in September, according to his blog. He works a day job. And a look at his twitter stream shows a very active and social man, with over 2500 followers.
And he found the time to do this for me. To interact with one very newbie author who often suffers from foot-in-mouth and a tendency to trip over her own feet.

I'm the first to admit that I can be very cynical about humans, up to and including myself. But people like the Carsons blow that theory out of the water. Bert uses "Yours to count on" as his trademark signature. I can say from experience those aren't just words. He lives them.

So now when I can't sleep, or when I get up in the morning, I touch the little blue bird on my phone. I check out my friends and their feeds, and it feels like coming home.

Twit-buddies you want in your life:
  - Christina Carson
 - Kathy Hall
@  - entrepreneur and social business manager; be warned you may spend hours just scrolling the links on his feed and clicking

Not for the faint-of heart, but killer one-liners and hearts of gold:

Thanks to all of you.


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