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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Free Book Weekend & the release of Die Laughing

Heading full tilt into the world of how to pay rent again means I've been a bit slow on the blog updates.

There is some good news though - Basement Blues is free to download this weekend, from or

In other news - Die Laughing went up and went live. This is in the KDP select programme, so if you're on the programme you get to borrow it free of charge.

Here's the back copy for you as an appetizer:

The gods are back in town. Well, one of them is - and he doesn't play nice.

Jane Rossa is trying to find out who - or what - killed her brother. Enter Billy, a nice guy with a few unusual talents, and very unusual friends.

Can a vampire, a ghost, and a shape-shifting house-cat stop a deranged god who thinks killing people and wearing their bodies is laugh-out-loud fun? 

Maybe - with a little help from their friends. And a hell of a lot of luck.


I love the cover, which has a relatively funny story attached to it, and as soon as I'm convinced my model won't drop me in a lava pit for telling it on the internet, I'll post it. Although technically I can lurch faster that he can...