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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Menu

I'm writing this while I wait for the roast potatoes to finish up, so I'll probably have drool marks on the keyboard by the time I finish.

To be totally honest, I'm just not all that keen on turkey, so I've gone for some ox tongue with trimmings. I love tongue - it's a mission to make, but it's pure meat, with no bone to worry about. Once it's skinned, there's no waste at all. I'll probably eat off this for the next week.

Today's Menu:

Brown Mushrooms with lychee, in a garlic, thyme, butter & wine sauce.

Creamed spinach

2 cheese cauliflower  cheese

Ox tongue basted in lime & lemon marmalade, with a gingerbread sauce.

Potato & garlic roasted in duck fat

Yorkshire pudding

Dessert :

Warm cherry pie & cream

Side drinks:

Honey & Apple Cider
Honey Mead
Cherry Coke (yep, I'm a barbarian. Also known as, eat & drink what you like, and not what people tell you you should like.)

Chocolate (made from scratch yesterday, with lime & lemon & real vanilla flavouring)


Where ever you are, and what ever you eat today, enjoy it! Merry Christmas, everyone.