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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Interesting Side-Affects, or the Chapters the Other Me Wrote

Here's a bit of a strange one for you: I appear to written chapters I don't remember. At all.

The last bit I remember writing was a few pages after the last snippet I posted. I opened the document this weekend expecting to pretty much pick up from there. What I found were several chapters I'd written during the mild phase of migraine on-set/withdrawal, and I don't remember putting those words down.
They're pretty good - a few minor spelling hiccups that have been fixed, and it's obviously my writing, but I don't remember doing it. I was trying to figure out how to describe the hunters that have our two hawks cornered, and it turns out that's been done, and rather creepily too. (Well done, Migraine-Me.)

I've taken a look back through the work already down, and there are several bits I don't remember. Actually, I would have sworn blind I hadn't touched the PC on those days, since they match up to a couple of serious attacks in my migraine diary. And while it's still obviously me writing, those scenes have sharp, jagged little edges to them that are very interesting indeed, since I'm wondering if those word spikes correspond to the pain spikes.

At this point I'm not complaining, although it's a bit unnerving to realise part of me wants to write so badly that I'll do it subconsciously. (I do wish Migraine-Me would pay attention to spelling though; she's left a bit of a mess to clean up.) Those strange little scenes work well in the book, and although I may have to do a little more polishing to make sure the voice doesn't veer too wildly from place to place, I'm going to just read, edit and move on.

I haven't found anything in my research to indicate this is a thing for other migraine sufferers, though.   (I know the accepted term is migraneur. It makes me want to roll on the floor and bite the carpet, because it sounds like we have this fantastic adventure every time it hits, instead of praying for death and codeine, so I don't use it.) If anyone else has had this happen, I'd love to know. Otherwise I'll just have to accept this as some sort of apology from the pain gods and leave it at that.

One other interesting thing. I'm pain-free (yay, Botox!) but still noticing symptoms - the bruising under the eyes still appears, the hyper-sensitive smell and strange tastes still comes and goes. I can live with that. If I'm pain-free, I can live with that quite happily. I've had no light-show effects though, which correlates with the theory that those particular nerves are no longer being affected. I'm hoping that research eventually unearths the reasons for the rest of the symptoms, but my personal evidence suggests these are occurring in the brain itself, and not caused by the expansion of blood vessels against the facial nerves.