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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Toilet Snippet & Open invite for bloggers - join our book launch in November

More toilet snippety stuff. There may be one more to follow; I'm hoping to have the full story up and published for Halloween.

This particular bit was inspired by Athena. Athena is a  cat and goddess/possible demon-in-training that shares living space with Annetta Ribken, Editor of Awesomeness. Annetta is the power behind Allegories of the Tarot that gets published on October 31st. I've had a peek at the e-version, and it rocks. There are still blogging spots available, so if you'd like to join the book launch and let us rock your world, head on over to BadAss Marketing and sign up here:


Nadia finished the last of her coffee and set the cup aside. "No clue how they do it, but someone always opens the door. Like they did here, during the test run."
Tabs and Jason looked at each other. That was disturbing on so many levels.
"What happens if you aren't holding the toilet roll tube when you push the button?" Jason asked.
The two installers looked troubled. "You don't want to do that," Nadia said. "It's the way your host knows you aren't dangerous."
Jason considered the button, large and shiny and very, very pretty. "I've got kids," he said.
"Yeah, hear you." Tomaz bent over and rummaged in the tool-box. He popped up holding a curved silver box with a clear cover and a metal slot at the top. "Lockable box. Only you and your wife will have the key. Nadia, pass the drill."
"The girls have gotten past every child-lock we've ever used," Tabs said.
Nadia patted her on the shoulder. "Never had a kid get past one of these. The odd cat gets it right - remember the Ribken case?" She turned to Jason. "We named the Athena protocol model after her. It's certified atomic blast and cat-proof, but it takes a fork-lift to carry it."
Tomaz paled. "Don't. That cat should've been up for murder."
"What did it do?" Jason watched Tomaz fit the box over the button with swift, sure movements.
"Figured out that slapping the button in a certain way would get it to spider-world." He shuddered. "You ever seen what a cat does to spiders?"
"The spider we had here was a bit bigger than most cats." Jason said.
"Yeah, well this one took it as a sign that the buffet was open. They sent us in to retrieve the button." He placed a protective hand over his groin. "I still have scars."