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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Birthday Round-up

Today is going to be kept short, because it's my birthday and I want to go and play in the sunshine.

The past week could also be summarised quite easily as follows:
Work. Work. Study. Work. Have hysterics at pc. Study. Write. Work. Last day at work. Study. Have hysterics at pc. Write. Night out with LSH. Whimper. Whimper. Post blog.

(Said whimpering caused by first consumption of alcohol in 6 months.I pretty much knew it would happen halfway through the first glass of wine. And yes, I drank a lot of water with it. Didn't matter; my body and alcohol are not friends).

Anyway, I thought rather than summarising a relatively boring, though short week, I'd run through my list of Good Things in My Life.

1) Family. I'm so lucky to have my folks, my brother, and a huge assortment of cousins, aunts & uncles, not to mention the rug rats multiplying each year.
2) Writing. I love to write. There is something about falling into your own world that is more addictive than coffee, and without any nasty side effects. When I write I don't worry about money, or my weight, or passing my university course. I just am, it's just me and the story, and I don't think there is a drug on the planet that could replicate that feeling. I've also discovered the world of indie writers, bloggers and readers in a very positive way. And twitter, which has a fairly high percentage of crazy scrolling past my nose each day, and never fails to amuse.
3) Reading. The greatest gift my parents gave me was teaching me to read at a very early age, although my gran was less than amused some time later when she realised her 7 year old grandchild was reading Cujo.
4) Health. The flu has almost totally gone, and the weather is fine and sunny so the plates in my leg are behaving. I feel good.
5) Holiday. I travel to Australia tomorrow, which is a place I've always wanted to go. I get to see my brother and some totally awesome wildlife. I can't wait!

So, it's a beautiful day and life is good. I probably won't be on the blog while I'm torturing the Aussies, but promise a run-down when I get back. Until I do - I wish everyone who reads this joy. Live your life guys, and enjoy every second of it.