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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Weekly Roundup

Due to my PC throwing all of its toys out the cot, plus one hell of a dose of the flu I missed the last weekly round-up. This coming weekend is going to be crazy study wise, since I now have a full week & a bit to catch up on. So ..

Not for the last two weeks. Was supposed to be in Bristol this Tuesday, but banned from anything work related due to the flu. Been working (or trying to - hard to concentrate on anything except shivering and feeling pathetic) from home and haven't actually left my flat since last Friday.

Technical Malfunctions
My PC is trying to break my heart, and possibly what's left of my sanity. Couldn't write. Couldn't study. Did remember how to swear in Portuguese and Zulu. LSH kindly talked me out of dropping it from the 2nd floor window. It appears I either need a new graphics card (Scream!) or a new screen. (HOWL!) Since right now I can't afford either - visiting Australia in a couple of weeks and scraping every penny together, it looks like I will continue whining about The Infernal Machine for a while.

Study and writing
*Sigh*. See above.. I haven't been able to read for pleasure, never mind study this week.  A couple of well-meaning friends suggested I catch up on writing. Sadly, there is no way I can write anything coherent while feeling like hammered horse-shit, so nothing on that side either. 

In the week before I got ambushed by the snot troll, I found a few real gems:

Flies for the Mayans by Ian Fraser. Disturbing, gorgeous writing.  Don't touch the book with a bargepole if you are sensitive about religion, drugs or sex. On the other hand, if you want to read one of the best stories ever written, I'd recommend snapping this novella up. He also has a  free story up at - once again dealing with some incredibly dark, usually taboo topics and beautifully written.

Ungrateful Dead by Naomi Clarke. Ethan Banning may just be one of my favourite characters ever. I would have liked a longer story, since I just didn't want this to end either. For 0.71p, it's a good fun read.

No Fear by Allie Harrison - currently free on Amazon and a fun read. Sympathetic characters and a cool little vampire story.

Indie Book Blogger has just posted his best books of March list - cool list. I already have these downloaded to my kindle, saving them for the flight to Australia in a week. Congrats to all the authors on there, I can't wait to read your stuff! Indie is also doing the A-Z blogfest, which sounds like a massive undertaking. 

For the first time in a week I no longer feel like my head is going to explode, and am no longer barking like a small Alsation every time I try to talk. Unfortunately, it appears LSH now has the bug, and is giving me the evil eye every time she shuffles sadly downstairs for more med-lemon. I'm just grateful I'll be allowed back to work next week. Although you know I'm sick when I don't even have cabin fever from being in pretty much one room for a solid week.

Now all I need to do is panic over catching up on university stuff..

Mood: Not quite dead yet.