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Friday, 19 July 2013

Invasion of the email snatchers - moment of Aargh

Yesterday, I spammed myself.

Actually, let me re-phrase that. I checked my junk mail, and found two emails from my email address, to me, flogging stuff. The first one is for some medical site (?). The second one told me I'd just won a massive inheritance, and I was happy to share it with myself. I had the urge to write back and offer to exchange it for the winning lottery numbers I just got, but I restrained myself.

Apparently I've crossed wires with some alternative universe where I'm a spam-bot. I changed my password.

Today's me-spam stepped it up a notch. I got more medical stuff, with the eye-watering title of "Low Prices Pills" (I'll spank me for the grammar later, right now I'm too busy cringing). I also got told I could fix my erection problems, and erectile dysfunction is now a thing of the past. I can please ALL the ladies in my life.

Well. Lucky me, then. Now all I have to do is find several willing ladies, a penis, and the inclination to use it.

It's not often I'm left speechless, but psuedo-me has achieved this.

Sometimes, it's better not to go into the alternative universe theory.