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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ye Pirates have struck. Avast!

And yea, verily, there came upon the author the day her first book was discovered on a pirate site, and there was much growling and cursing and gnashing of teeth.

And there was no contact form on the pirate site, and no way for the author to say unto them; "Take down my book, you thieving bastards," and there was further growling and cursing and gnashing of teeth, with added helplessness.

And the author felt like someone had kicked her puppy, and did share her woe with her family, and felt a little better, and shared some more with Facebook, and felt better still.

Some hours later, the author returned to the site, and verily, did notice something strange, for the google-link address thingy and the actual website name differed from each other. And the author declared, "WTF?"

And on the web page beside her book, now ravished and squished into a PDF format, and yea, still with the old cover on, the pirates were offering extra free copies to anyone who completed a survey, and the author started to giggle.

And yea, there is additionally a form on ye pirate website for anyone willing to steal a book to complete as compulsory registration, including home phone numbers and email addresses, and the author was surrounded by the golden glow of realisation. For verily, this particular pirate site is data mining, and those who give up their information shall be visited with an absolute plague of cold-callers, email spam, and a shit-load of junk mail.

And the author, still giggling, closed the web-page, and reflected that Karma can be a stone-cold bitch, but is usually well-deserved.

Here endeth the lesson.


I've said it before folks, and I'll say it again: if you can't afford one of my books, drop me a message in the comments. I'm happy to send it to you. Pirate sites on the other hand… well, there's a reason pirates were considered the bad guys. Do you really want to be giving personal information to a bunch of guys who are happy to upload stolen work?

In other news, both WolfSong and Blood Moon Dance are on special from today, as part of Sci-Fi/Fantasy promo event over at Tim Flanagan's blog here. Although the event only required a price-drop on (99c) and (79p), I've done it across the board, so if you have a kindle or smart-phone with the app, go ahead and click away. The individual book links are also on the side-bar of the blog.