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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Funds for Japan - stats

As promised, the stats for the copies of WolfSong sold for proceeds going to the Japan relief. For some reason the screen grabs are not co-operating though, so I've copied & pasted the figures.

First though, a massive thank you and a bit of a mini-rant.

Thanks to the bloggers and Indie authors who got on board, whether for this or similar projects, and blogged, face-booked and tweeted about this.

The mini rant is in two parts - one at the darlings who seem to think that No, Japan really doesn't need or want any help, thank you very much, including this post at Reuters titled "Don't donate money to Japan."
Let me know when your space ship lands, Mr. Salmon. I'd like to introduce you to Planet Earth. You know, the one we actually live on, where people realise that everything involved in helping out a country in this situation takes money. A lot of it. Whether the donations are earmarked for Japan or not is immaterial; the cost is still liable to outweigh the generosity of the givers.

The second part is partially aimed at myself. Why?

One of the comments left on Naomi Clark's live journal entry about this. To quote: "I'm not saying you're doing this for the same reasons, but be careful of using tragedy for your own ends."   

The link the poster attached leads to an article about a backlash against Microsoft and their campaign.

I'm sure the poster had the best intentions. But that comment left me feeling like I'd been punched in the stomach.
 Maybe the person who wrote that hadn't actually read the details of what we were trying to do. Maybe they missed the part where all profits went straight to the fund, & are somehow under the impression this benefits us.
Of course, now that I've thought about it, I'm not sure how this benefits me personally. I haven't sold a huge amount of books this week - I never expected to, and that wasn't the point.
The point was to try to give in the only way I knew how.

But the result was that I let that comment get to me; to the point where after I read it, I couldn't bring myself to tweet or facebook or blog about the fund raiser any more.
 And right now, I'm kicking myself, because I let someone put me in the same mental category as the scum out there who are scamming for donations. That nasty taste in my mouth? It's regret.

03/05/2011WolfSongJ H SkedB004OEKG3E30335 %0.99N/AN/AN/A1.05
03/19/2011WolfSongJ H SkedB004OEKG3E40435 %0.99N/AN/AN/A1.40

03/05/2011WolfSongJ H SkedB004OEKG3E31235 %0.62N/AN/AN/A0.44
03/12/2011WolfSongJ H SkedB004OEKG3E20235 %0.62N/AN/AN/A0.44
03/19/2011WolfSongJ H SkedB004OEKG3E20235 %0.62N/AN/AN/A0.44

Nothing, unfortunately, on the other sites, although I've heard from other authors that there is sometimes a reporting delay. If anything changes, I'll update here:

ChannelSales Reported ThroughBalance Adjusted ThroughAccrued Sales
(reported, not yet payable by retailer)
AppleJan 29, 2011Jan 29, 2011None
Barnes & NobleJan 23, 2011Oct 31, 2010None
DieselFeb 28, 2011Feb 28, 2011None
KoboJan 29, 2011Jan 1, 2011None
SonyFeb 26, 2011Sep 30, 2010None