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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Strange Days

The last couple of months seem to have been one disaster after another, either natural or man-made.

Egypt rumbled, Libya is going up in flames, Somalia right behind it. Zimbabwe has been sliding into it's own private hell for a couple of years, thanks to the mad man running the show, but started to escalate again this month. These little horror-shows are man-made, and part of what humans have done to each other since we figured out how to walk upright and, oh look, here's a big rock. Let's see what happens if I hit Og on the head with it..

Then we have Mother Nature, apparently suffering from the worst case of PMS in history.
The quake in New Zealand, wild fires in the USA, snow storms that killed dozens -these are just off the top of my head. Now Japan, wounded and bleeding while the rest of us watch in horror.
Lately, it feels like the planet is scratching itself like an itchy dog, and we are the irritant.
 All we can do, if we are lucky enough not to be in the impact zone, is send aid, sympathy and care to the survivors, thank any god we believe in that we are not the ones suffering - and wonder when our turn will come.

It kind of puts the walking suicide known as Charlie Sheen into perspective - although it doesn't say much about us as a species that we've spent a couple of weeks watching someone self-destruct as entertainment.
 I keep wondering what will happen the day that man finally gets it right and over-doses - are we going to have the hysterical finger-pointing that happened after Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith left this world? Because if any charges are made, the entire damn planet is culpable - we are all just following the story on our t.v screens and twitter feeds, giggling at someone who is playing a pretty public game of Russian roulette.