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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Weekly Round-up

I'm posting this a bit earlier than normal, since I'm going to try and get a bit of writing done as well as the next Uni project.
I got ambushed by the head-cold fairy on Friday, so the entire weekend has been spent feeling sorry for myself and whimpering into a pile of tissues.

Just London this week. My overnight bag is sulking in a corner, feeling neglected.

Technical Malfunctions for the week
Where to start on this one?
I haven't used the net book this week, so nothing to report there. The rest of the appliances in my life have tried to make up for it though:

iphone - decided to hiccup gently and give me hysterics about halfway through the week. The screen went black, with the Circle of Doom permanently revolving over it. No matter what I or LSH did, it would change. This included holding down the power button to try to switch it off, removing the sim card - you name it, we tried it.
 I thought it was broken. When I shuffled sadly into work the following morning and showed it to a colleague, he fixed it in about 20 seconds. By holding down the power button..
Home pc - not content with booting me off the internet for no apparent reason, the screen now suddenly pixelates and freezes. If I force a hard shut down & re-start, its fine. I've de-fragmented, run virus scans, the works. Any suggestions (Jeff! HELP!!) would be good here.
Work pc - Let's just say my entire IT department is currently avoiding me. (Maybe I shouldn't have asked for a machine that would cry if I slapped it?)
Work elevator - the last time I used it, it made a strange croaking noise and bounced when it reached my floor. I'm currently using the stairs.
Washing Machine - took a note from an old Stephen King story and tried to chase me across the kitchen last night. The bloody thing lunged at me. This is not something you need to experience at 1 a.m, while desperately needing to visit the bathroom.

Group work done. I'm now ploughing into the solo assignments. Been having some great philosophical debates with my brother via Skype over the different areas, which is really, really cool. Anything that lets my inner geek out is fun.

Writing and stuff
Had a bit of  a drive this week, along with a couple of other awesome indie authors, to try to raise funds for Japan. I'll post the stats separately, as promised - not a huge amount, but every little bit helps.
Fighting with the vamp story, so I'll leave that and come back to it later, have a couple of other shorts I'm playing with as well.
Indie book blog posted my interview yesterday. Gotta say - it's really weird reading an interview with yourself. It feels slightly unreal, like one of those dreams you have when you get a really bad dose of the flu. Really, really cool, but weird.

The best thing about the whole publishing experience has been the community involved - the writers, the bloggers, the readers.  I love what I do as an Indie author and the people involved, 99% of whom I'd never have met if I hadn't taken the step of publishing WolfSong this year. So many people who are all so supportive of each other, who want you to do well and hone your craft.  Where else do you get this?
So yes - I'm (usually) broke, frantically busy, and occasionally feel like I'm playing whack-a-mole to keep track of where I am. I also think I am very, very lucky indeed.