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Friday, 15 June 2012

Moments of Aargh

Murphy's law is alive and well and inhabiting my universe again. Let's just say things are a little ... tense ... on a personal level. Someone I cared about a great deal has lost most of my respect, I feel miserable about it, and I had a bloody pigeon dive-bomb me on the way home. (At some point I need to do an update on the Leicester Pigeon Wars, which have now moved to anywhere in the UK I seem to find myself. Watch this space.)

Times like these means my writing, and to a lesser extent my painting, become lifelines. I step into the page and fall into a different universe and I live there for as long as I can, and the arbitrary bull that I've been dealing with falls away.  Paper demons are easier to exorcise than personal ones, but strangely enough they also help with the personal ones. Just for a little bit, I can live in wonder - and that is why I write, and I will probably be writing until the day I am incapable of banging words out on a keyboard, or what ever the next step in tech is.

Entertaining moment of the week: watching some poor chap in business suit get chased around St.Enoch's Square in Glasgow by a flock of seagulls. The enjoyment came more from the fact that it wasn't me getting targeted by them, plus you haven't lived until you've heard a Glaswegian really swear while dancing around with his arms wrapped over his head. I've memorised some new and effective phrases; if I figure out a way to get one of the Celtic gods into the Blue Moon series, they'll be coming out to play.

So far the feedback on the new Blue Moon cover is 100% positive, so I reckon I'll stick with that style going forwards. Now I'm eyeing up the WolfSong cover again, which I think needs a re-work. I'll leave it alone until the follow-up is done though, and change the cover when I release the new one. I'm about 90% inclined towards a Celtic/symbolic design with a few extras - just need to work those out. (The other 10% is just confused, and needs sleep).

And on that note, let's call it a night. My MC has just caught someone going through her pack, and I'm wondering what she'll do about it; so looking forward to the next couple of writing hours tomorrow. I've learnt to expect the unexpected from her.