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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Thoughts for the week - equal marriage/relationship rights

1) If you are spending all of your time worrying about what consenting adults do in the bedroom, it says a great deal more about you and your private fantasies than the group you are fixated on. Get over it, or download better porn.

2) Marriage is a governmental institution. You change your name, bank accounts and legal documents for tax and information purposes. Weddings are conducted by churches. The arguments by elements of both groups against equal rights for everybody are remarkably similar to arguments posed against equal rights for people who had a darker skin tone several years ago. Hopefully in ten years time it will be considered as unacceptable as overt racism is today. 

3) BTW, church groups - you do realise you make a large percentage of your income overcharging people to hold weddings under your roof, right? You might want to think about the economic benefits you're currently trying to hit on the head with a shovel. There's a whole bunch of stuff in the bible conservatives keep waving around about not mixing fabrics, or eating certain things, or not being tattooed, and not coveting spouses or material goods - let me know how all of that's working out for you. The Sodom and Gomorrah argument falls flat on its face when you read that properly and realise that issue wasn't against gay sex, it was against the rules of hospitality. (Also, I have a few issues with someone happily offering over his daughters to get raped instead. Not exactly a fan, here.)

4) The whole unnatural argument doesn't work if you wear clothes, cook your food, and don't live in either a cave or a tree. None of those are exactly natural for a bipedal mammal. Same sex intercourse, on the other hand, occurs across a variety of species.

5) If you equate homosexuality with child abuse, see point one. Also, get a good psychiatrist.

6) If you use a position of power or a platform to abuse people because of their sexual orientation, skin colour, or religious beliefs, you are a bully. You are also seeking attention in the form of headlines and you-tube clips. Media fame is fleeting, and to keep its attention you have to come up with more and more outrageous, inflammatory statements. When the flames die down, you are left in cold ashes and bitterness, and all the hurt you caused is left for future generations to point at in horror. What you do will be taught in history books as an example of hate and misery, and at the end of it you will still be that sad, lonely little person who bullied someone else to hide their personal shame and misery.

7) If you want to change the world, stop hating. Stop fearing those different to you. We don 't hold parades for people who caused lasting harm fifty years after they've left this world. We remember the words and the actions of people who inspired us, those that stood up in the face of injustice and told it "This has to stop." Courage is found in people who stand up. Cowardice is usually found in fear of change, fear of difference. Which one do you want to be remembered for?