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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sample Sunday - Ravens snippet

Today's snippet is short, and potentially spoilery, so some names and details are removed. Usual warnings - strong language and violence, this scene may change in final edits.


“Your god is a fool and a mad one at that, if he expects us to believe this.” Vianna told him.

“One would also expect a god to have a basic working knowledge of magic,” Brin drawled. “So to summarise: you murdered children, fled the country, pretended to be male and infiltrated a cult who enjoy killing women, and returned from the islands and began preying on the people you pretended to serve. How many did you kill in Breya, little fangless one?”
“I never killed anyone useful,” ------- shrugged, ignoring the insult. “No-one notices one less beggar at the gate, or one less whore in a tavern.”

Gates stirred. “They noticed. We had people reported missing on a regular basis, but folks leave and come back. No guard had the time to check on every person with itchy feet.” He sighed. “I had you at my table, ------. I counted you as a friend.”

The fey king walked over, blade in hand. “Then you came to my home and slaughtered a guest of mine, one who was worth ten of you.” Brin said. “Why the hawk? You drugged the others; why not feed on them?”
And -------- smiled at them. “I’ve never eaten a hawk before. He tasted lovely.

Brin and Amber moved at the same time.  Brin struck down and Amber out, and the vampire slowly separated into quarters that slid bonelessly apart.

Gates was quietly and thoroughly sick on the floor behind them.