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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Toilet Saga continues … Snippety stuff

Apologies for lack of posting lately - the migraines are back, although they've moved position, and they pretty much killed any computer work for the last few days. I ended up back at Westgate-On-Sea last weekend, and managed to cause a wee bit of consternation at Walmer Castle. Details on the next post.  I also appear to have managed to get a spook on camera during last weekends adventure, and if I can get the phone to download the pics, I'll post them as well.

In the meantime, I have another Toilet Saga update. Enjoy :)


Thursday, 06:48
The entire family gathered outside the bathroom door. Chris and Sarah were determined not to miss the next "visitor". Emily wanted her ribbons back, and was hoping for the werewolf to re-appear. Tabs and Jason were torn between wanting to know what was going on, and not wanting anyone to get hurt.
"Ready?" Jason asked his brood.
"Ready!" Chris waved the roll of toilet paper. Emily released a pre-emptive squirt of lavender spray into Jason's ear. Sarah rolled her eyes, and held up her camera.
"No." Tabs told her.
"Unless you're happy for us to take pictures of you in that position, no photos."
The camera disappeared.
"Remember," Jason told them sternly. "Stay behind us until we say its okay."
"Yes, dad!" They chorused resignedly. They'd heard that phrase for a week.
"Chris," Tabs said. "Don't eye-roll your father."
"Sorry," he muttered. 

Jason opened the door.

He woke up on the sofa with a wet cloth on his forehead and a throbbing nose.

"Wha..." Then he remembered, screamed, and fell off the sofa.

Tabs sighed and helped him up.
"The kids?" he gasped.
Tabs took a deep breath. "They're fine. Sarah gave it a wet cloth, because after you fainted, it fainted and fell off the pot." She looked thoughtful. "I think it's phobic. We scared it."
"We scared it?" Jason clutched the cloth to his head. "It was a giant spider!"
"Yeah, well, it knocked a few of its curlers out and tore its negligee. That was real pretty, too." Tabs looked wistful. 
"No," Jason said. "Not if you ever want to have sex again."
"I lent it a scarf to cover up - the poor thing was quite embarrassed over it - and the kids collected the rollers into a bag for it. Then Chris gave her the toilet roll and left her to it."
Jason processed this. "The kids are okay?"
"Well, Emily's a bit pissed at you for scaring it. She hit you a few times on the nose with a newspaper before I dragged you away."
"Jeez," he muttered. "It's not like I piddled on the carpet. Why didn't you stop her?"
Tabs shrugged. "It made the spider feel better."