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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Kindle experience (or; this formatting will kill me)

The last few days have been a bit of a frantic blur. Thanks to the Kindle Boards, (seriously recommended to both readers and writers) I found out that as I'm sticking strictly to e-readers, I don't need to wait for an ISBN.
So to summarise ...

Up at 11. Final read through of book.
Final touches to cover.
Upload to Smashwords - issue with formatting.
Head meet desk.
Go to bed (4 a.m.)
Fantasise about finding bird chirping outside window and gagging it.

Up at 11:30. Double-check guidelines and entire book, figure out formatting issue is on front page. Fix, while muttering to self.
Tweak cover.
Upload again.
Skype folks to help mom download to kindle.
Skype brother, who tortures me by sitting in front of laptop wearing shorts & t-shirt and telling me about business class flights to Australia and how good they are.
Accepted to Smashwords. Weehee! No issues.
Start working on book trailer.

Woke up to 16 partial downloads. Was stunned and very, very happy.
Worked on story boards for book trailer.
Went to Kindle boards and joined up; I've been lurking there for some time to get a feel of the place.
Skyped folks, did happy dance.
Skyped brother, did happy dance. Brother sulkily claimed weather in Melbourne only in mid-twenties. Turned up heating.
Decided first story boards were awful & removed. Started new ones.
Went to bed around 3. Read on kindle until 4, when the same evil little bird started up outside my window.

Re-formatted WolfSong to Kindle guidelines.
Discovered that technophobes, HTML pages and the google chrome dashboard are not a good mix.
Had hysterics, a nice hot bath, and coffee. And several cigarettes.
Discovered some help some kindly soul had posted on a) how to format to HTML without your computer exploding and (b) how to open to bloody thing on your browser.
Uploaded to Amazon, along with cover, description and low, low price of $1.99. The UK price is linked to the US price, so currently selling at £1.48.
Completed another story board for book trailer.
Went to bed and stayed awake until about 3 a.m. wondering if that second chapter could have done with more work.
The bird sounded like it had hiccups.

Alarm at 6 a.m. - first day back at work. Make whimpering noise and push  snooze button.
Alarm at 06:15. Lurch  out of bed feeling homicidal. Zombie shuffle  to kitchen for coffee.
Spend entire at day at work feeling like jet-lagged, until I check Kindle store at 3pm (during lunch). The book is up. Make hysterical squealing noise through mouthful of coke (caffeine is my friend) and wiggle excitedly on bench. Guy sitting next me raises eyebrows and snorts.
Go home and Skype parents. Download copy for mom, who smiles indulgently and makes soothing noises over several thousand miles.
Post news to kindle boards and fall flat on face.
Wake up at three worrying about chapter 2 again.

Alarm at 6 - second day back at work.
Get a P.M. from one of the writers saying formatting on ipad not right and there is no product description.
Have mild hysterics, but can't do anything until I get in tonight.
Delays on train. Doubly insulting after recent price hike; I'm still sulking over forking at £1700 for ticket, despite getting subsidised by work.
Get in too late to Skype folks. Take a bath, jump onto kindle author page.
No product description on, but UK version is fine. Growl at computer.
Takes a while to figure out, but re-submit description and e-mail support team just in case brain melted & I did something stupid the first time.
Re-check formatting and can't find issue. Kindle copy looks fine. No access to ipad so no idea what it looks like on one - eventually, give up and P.M back asking for more info, hoping the poor guy doesn't think he has a stalker.
Check university e-mails - course due to start again this week (& somebody tell me why I thought it was a good idea to do a 3 year degree? Now?) - nothing about course yet. Nervous as hell.
Check Smashwords - currently up to 29 downloads and one sale.

Mood - happy, tired and mildly confused over the ipad issue..