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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Weekly Round-up

Fairly crazy week, time & travel-wise, and a lot of it's blurred together.
Up early since travelling for work. I am not a morning person. I am also paranoid about not hearing alarm, so start waking up at 4 a.m  to check the time. As a result I reach my destination feeling like I got bitch-slapped by the stupid fairy. Thankfully it's a nice bunch I'm going to see - I won't post work details on a public blog, but I am lucky with the people I work with and deal with. 'Nuff said. Get home around 19:15. Long-suffering House mate (LSH) is on the Tony Ferguson diet, so I'm getting healthy (surprisingly tasty) meals in the evening without having to do a thing. Starting to contemplate the full (bloody expensive) package to lose some weight - LSH looking good & bouncing around like the Duracell Bunny; while I zombie shuffle around snarling over coffee and my bed.
Working in London this morning, so up at normal time of 6 a.m. Loving my new electric fire-place first thing in the morning. Afternoon - off to the Home Office at E&C for my British Passport interview. The woman who takes my interview looks like she could be on the cover of Cosmo and is very pleasant to deal with. I promptly forget all the dates of birth I KNOW and leave feeling remarkably stupid. I am a muppet. Go home and sulk.. and hope to hell I still get the passport. LSH feeds me and I hit the sack.
Working in London again, but heading up to Glasgow tomorrow so stay late. Delays on trains and tube mean I get home around 19:15. LSH feeds me; I zombie shuffle to bath and experience the joys of an ingrown hair exploding to sudden, painful life when it hits the hot water. After yodelling, disinfecting, yodelling some more, I crawl into bed and whimper gently until I fall asleep.
Up earlier than Monday (aak!) and end up at Stansted airport clutching coffee and waiting for colleague. She misses the flight thanks to a taxi driver with a bad sense of direction and the little darlings at easy jet not letting her book in. Since the flight only started boarding 20 minutes after she reached the airport, colleague is not happy. Land in Glasgow with an inch of ice on the passenger guardrail of the stair case. Get snowed on, re-affirming my belief that humans should hibernate until late March in the U.K. Delays coming back thanks to a really impressive fog and an easy jet staff member having hysterics over getting her passenger line board up. Reach Stansted around 7:15 with one of the hardest landings I've had in a while (we bounced. We really, really bounced) and launch myself at Burger King, then feel incredibly guilty all the way home. Through the front door at around 9. Bath, yodel at ingrown hair (still nasty) and crawl into bed.
Travelling again - pretty much Monday. Rinse, repeat. Friday night hits me like a small freight train; zombie shuffle in at around 6:45. LSH feeds me. Bath. To tired to make noise at ingrown hair. Pass out by around 8..
Wide-awake & up around 9. Start sending vouchers for operation e-drop books for troops. Check kindle boards. Have a few more sales at Smashwords, so quite happy, and a couple at Kindle (Yay!). Check  personal accounts, note that the university course still has no assignment up, which is making me grumpy. I don't have a lot of time during the week, so I want to get as much done over the weekend as possible.
Skype the folks and end up on a conference call with them and my brother (he has a tan. Bugger.) Work on story board for you-tube trailer. Decide I hate the one I was happy with last week - looks like a bad reject from an early Doom screen-shot.
LSH feeds me while we watch an old episode of Supernatural, and the latest True Blood. Write for a couple of hours, look up and realise its late (or early). On the bright side, no chirping outside my bedroom window this week - maybe it went on holiday?
Up late - around 11. More e-mailed vouchers to troops - had my first reply from one and it made my day. This is such a good idea, so glad I'm part of it.  Skype folks - mom still reading the book, which I am seriously still stunned over. I love my mom, but she will never be a fan of fantasy/horror, and this has both. The fact that she has bravely waded through 80% of it so far really means a lot to me, even though I'm sure a lot of it has her grimacing.
For tonight - review a couple of short stories that might work together as a give-away book - they both need a bit of work, although Pushing Janey was published in a magazine a few years ago. Work a bit more on the storyboard - Musical Genius friend (MG) came through and actually promised new stuff, so truly excited on that side.

Mood: Tired, satisfied, life is good.