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Monday, 31 January 2011

Weekly Round-up

A day late, but the best laid plans e.t.c..

Monday & Tuesday - worked in London; so got a bit of reading on the Kindle.The kindle is a dangerous wee beastie - and the fact that so many really good books are available for a really price - both indie & traditional - means I now have a lot of new reads to get through - and I keep finding more all the time. Got home around 7 and worked on book trailer - definitely need to go back to scratch on this. Maybe I'm too picky?
Wednesday - did the early morning zombie shuffle out of town again. The sad thing is it takes longer to get from my side of town to Paddington station, than it does for the train from Paddington to reach my destination. I'm starting to theorise that London Underground operates some sort of reverse time tunnel, powered by strikes and signal failures, and operated by aliens who haven't quite figured out that humans don't operate public announcement systems by gargling into the microphone. Got home to find my new passport. Did happy dance (O.K., happy shuffle - I was tired - give a girl a break) and Skyped folks with the news.
Thursday - a strange blur of meetings, conference calls, meetings and coffee.
Friday - Had the truly awesome experience of watching a working guide dog in front of me on the way to work. I know it takes a great deal of time and money to train one of these brilliant animals - but I bet if every teenager in London had one, we wouldn't be seeing the pedestrian death toll we currently have. Worked on new short story.
Saturday - started paper mache project. I've never done this before; but desperately need a side table. No money = do it yourself. Let's just say that accident prone + wallpaper paste + getting paper stuck to everything EXCEPT the box = one grumpy little writer. Note to self: When wearing gloves coated with wall paper paste, brushing hair out of face is a a bad idea. On the bright side, I may never need eyebrow definer again, and LSH runs faster than me, even while sniggering.
Sunday - hit the kindle forum boards; finally found the first course posted on line for university course (Finance - gark!) . Short story seems to be dying - put it to one side for the moment. Am contemplating a blatant steal from one the authors at kindle boards and interviewing one of the characters from WolfSong weekly, but am not sure which one to start with.. Play with paper mache. Not quite as therapeutic as painting, and have no idea if the table will remotely resemble a table,  but fun.