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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Premier Club

Got accepted into the premier membership club at Smashwords, and got the ISBN, which means WolfSong is now available at Apple & Barnes & Noble stores. Slow & steady progress - couple more sales on Smashwords, couple on Kindle. I'm still surprised at the glow I get every time I see that - it might wear off in time, but at the moment it just keeps sparking away.

Will I get rich through Kindle, or e-books in general? Unlikely; maybe - maybe - after publishing a few more & hopefully getting a following I'd earn enough money to reach my current (liveable, barely) salary. Hopefully before I actually hit retirement age, if not it'll be a bit of good seed money for then.
There are literally thousands of writers who will work a day job for the rest of their lives. You don't write for money; superstars like Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, J.A Konrath and John Grisham et. al. are the rock stars of our world. The rest of us are like the session musicians and pub bands, hoping and praying for a break - and knowing that even if it never comes they will never stop playing. They play because they don't know how to stop, because not playing would be unthinkable.

They play because they love it.

Not everyone will like my writing or my stories; some will inevitably hate the stuff. Some people will hopefully enjoy it enough to come back for more. The thing is, if I never sold another book or story,  it would hurt. No getting away from the fact that when you publish something you put a bit of your soul on a plate - if someone scrapes it off into the garbage heap you are going to feel it.

Would I stop writing?
I wouldn't know how to stop.