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Sunday, 2 January 2011


WolfSong has just gone up on Smashwords.

 After reading JAKonrath's  A Newbie's  Guide to Publishing until my eyeballs bled, I've opted for the self publishing route.
If I get accepted into the Premier Club on Smashwords (picture me praying vociferously to which ever gods look out for wanna-be writers) I get an ISBN number - which means Kindle is the next step.
 Bearing in mind I'm one of the technologically-challenged as well as horribly under-funded, this will be a very, very good thing.
Next step is a you-tube book trailer; so I'm hoping I can twist the arm of a very talented and good friend to use his music for it. (Hint, hint, Alex, if you ever read this. In other words - Dude - check your e-mail.)

Will the book sell? No idea.
 I put it up 24 hours ago and so far 19 samples have been downloaded; so hopefully they translate to full book sales at some point. But right now, that's 19 people who never knew about me or my writing, unless they stumbled over one of my short stories in the small press magazines, so I'll take it as a good thing.

Mood - optimistic, hopeful, and mildly terrified. (Either that or I have indigestion).