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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Weekly Round-up

Work in London today, so get home fairly early around 7). Log on to university and found 3 assignments now up. Promptly have valium moment. (To put this in perspective, 3 different papers on various dates from end of April until May. When you work full time, try to sell an indie book, are working on the next one and travel a lot, this makes for an absolutely frantic first semester.) Start  working through finance module. Go  to bath around 11 p.m. feeling like my brain is going to melt through my ears.
Work  in London again.  Log on to university. Gibber at LSH regarding coursework when she hauls me away from the p.c for dinner. LSH makes soothing noises, feeds me and lets me go back to bedroom (also currently known as Pit of Doom). Look up and realise it's 11:30. Lie in bath fantasising about winning lottery and chocolate. I'm eating a lot of fruit & drinking water by the litre to try to get energy levels up, with the result that my bladder wakes me up singing Ave Maria twice.
Cranky as hell. Zombie shuffle to tube station with LSH and promise to take tonight off from studying - Wednesdays are now officially my night off. Drink a lot of coffee at work. Get home, eat, bath, crash.
Same  as Tuesday - rinse & repeat. 
Travelling again. While waiting for train at Paddington station am treated to delightful experience of guy sitting next to me and adjusting a certain part of his anatomy for nearly 15 minutes. Firmly restrain myself from telling him that if it takes that long to find, he has a problem. Guy then rests a large sandwich on the results of said adjustment. WTF? Was he trying to coil it into a frigging place-mat? Guy eats sandwich, reach into tracksuit pants every so often for further tweaking. Feeling mildly traumatised and wishing desperately for mind-bleach, I get to the train. Guess who is sitting at the same table on the train? Train is packed and seats are booked - I can't even move. Dial up Rammstein at full volume on iphone and try to pretend today isn't happening to me.
 Bit of a sad moment when I get to the office I'm visiting - they are relocating and one of the girls has decided she can't go with. Sad because she is one of the bright stars; I'll miss working with her. The team left in place though absolutely rock, so I'm looking forward to seeing what happens after the move.
Get onto a slightly earlier train than normal to head back to London. Some sort of issue means the train stops outside every station, at every station, and on occasion at random places on the line. I reach London way later than expected, too late to head back to office - by time I reach it, it would be after closing time. Decide to head home and catch up from there. Get home and electrics are out - meaning no computer, until nearly 9 p.m. 
Monday is going to hurt.
Busy with coursework. Take an hour to tweak to shorts for the collection that I'm quite happy with, jump  onto Kindle boards and post  a review on Amazon for The Scavengers Daughter.  Get almost immediate  feedback from the author, which is seriously cool. 
LSH feeds me (Lamb & Apricot casserole type thingy from the Tony Ferguson diet - Yum!) and we watch True Blood while we eat.
Back to studying until around 3:30 a.m.
Coursework. Updating blog; will be back to coursework immediately afterwards.
LSH has promised to drag me away from the pc for at least two hours  tonight, which will be a good thing. 

Mood: Busy, stressed, want my mom.