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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Weekly Roundup

The day by day thing is getting a little old, & since I'm usually working more than a little boring, so I'm going to try it another way..

Writing news:
Uploaded Dim as part of Sample Sunday to Scribd here. Not sure if I'm getting the hang of the tweet thing yet or not, but it can't hurt.
Have gone through WolfSong with a fine tooth comb (again!) and hopefully fixed all the issues. Which I am still sulking over - the biggest gripe a lot of readers have about Indies is poor editing and formatting. It doesn't matter that tree books have the same problem (some of which are worse that the average indie book by far) - if we want to take on the big boys, we need to better than average. So I may have shot myself in the foot by missing the word runs during the last edit before I hit the publish button.

 Also found a free programme called Calibre through Guido Henkel's blog, so I'm going to run the entire book through that & upload it back to Amazon next week. Hopefully this will also fix the ipad formatting issue - crossing fingers & toes on that one. All the creator asks for is a donation if you can afford it - for a programme that seems to eliminate 99% of formatting issues, this is a bargain, and a cause worth supporting.

Tossing an idea around for a new short story - I tend to write at least the first couple of pages purely in my head to see if it will go somewhere. This one is being stubborn - I know the end, and most of the middle, but it's having trouble starting off.

I seem to be losing weight (yay!) with the healthy meals LSH is feeding me. I'm going to have withdrawal symptoms next week - I'm away 3 days for work - but can't complain. If this carries on, I will no longer look like a  pregnant hobbit, which can only be a good thing. (On a slightly less pleasant note, the two of us discovered an very unwanted side effect of the allowed chocolate on this diet. Let's just say if someone lit a match in the room the roof would leave the building. Fast.)

University is keeping me busy most nights & at the weekends. The subject of finance still makes me feel like I've just lost 50 IQ points, but thankfully it's one of the first modules. As long as I pass it, I'm happy. Unfortunately, it means sacrificing a lot of promotion time on the net - c'est la vie.

Like the rest of the world, (except China) I've been watching the situation in Egypt this week. Part of me is extremely glad another dictator has left the room. The rest of me is mourning the people that had to die for this to happen. Whether 1 person, a 100, or a 100 000 - the payment in blood is always too damn high.
My personal view on politicians is that anyone who wants that amount of power shouldn't be allowed anywhere near it.

I was lucky enough to pick up Dreaming Anastasia by Joy Preble for free this week - the price has now gone up. I loved this - I'm waiting for pay day so I can get the follow-up.  Usually books written in the present tense irritate me - this was an absolute joy.
33 AD by David McAfee - a really cool take on the vampire myth; if you like an action packed read (call it swords & sandals) -  get this. Unfortunately, David has just made my books for pay day list that little bit longer.
I've already posted my review on The Judas Syndrome by Michael Poeltl, which I've been reading for a while. I'm going to be watching this author closely; I think there is serious blockbuster potential waiting to come out.

I'm currently busy with The Shadow Thieves by Anne Ursu. This is aimed at younger readers, but the sense of humour is wicked - I'm enjoying this.
Added to my pay day list is The Vampire Kitty Cat Chronicles. The sample should have come with a keyboard alert. The price on Amazon is pretty cheap; but since I'm doing my usual so-broke-can't-pay-attention thing, it has to wait.