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Monday, 21 February 2011

Weekly Round-up

I'm keeping this one brief, it's been a very long day what with studying and having a minor panic attack over the finance assignment.

Leicester for 3 days. Gotta say I like the city. The guys I deal with there are probably the reason - people like that are why I love my job. Plus a really awesome fresh food market, and a weekly farmers market - if you're in Leicester on a Thursday, hit the town centre for some really good cooked food from the stalls.

Gah. At least an hour most nights. I'm enough of a geek that I'm loving the textbook on work psychology (I've ended up reading chapters I didn't need to for the assignment, and thinking of buying the book in hard copy). So far, so good. Tonight though, I realised the finance assessment had been posted... To explain : Although reasonably intelligent, when I look at figures my IQ automatically drops about 80 points. If this was a  relationship, it would be the kind that ends with one partner sewing sardines into the other's curtains before leaving the house for the last time. I opened the assignment and read it, and pretty much hyper-ventilated on the spot. 
LSH (who is actually pretty good at figures) came through while I was rocking gently and hugging myself. She took look at the brief, turned and patted me gently on the arm, and said, "You're screwed."
Which, frankly, would be the most fun I've ever had with financial studies. 

Finished CS Marks Elfhunter. Get it. This is going to be a classic people are still reading in 15, 20 years.
Finished  The Shadow Thieves by Anne Ursu.    Some real laugh out loud moments here; I'll be looking for more by this author.
Finished The Light of Eidon by Karen Hancock - this was free at Amazon (gotta love the free kindle stuff!). I didn't realise it was Christian fantasy when I downloaded it (although got that pretty fast in the book). It's actually not a bad story at all, although it did get a bit preachy at times. Still, no worse than a lot of-non-Christian fantasy gets, despite some really bitchy reviews on Amazon (some from Christian readers because it wasn't written to their ideal standards. WTF? Give the bloody woman a break.)

Currently reading The Emperor's Edge by Lindsay Buroker, for which I blame Scott at Indie Book Blog. (I read his review.) This is a lot of fun - it's kept me intrigued all the way so far & the price is good. Love the main character as well and as the plot is far from obvious I have no idea where it's going to - can't wait to find out though.

Still over the moon about my first review - although I'm now panicking that when the new version uploads it won't have any. I don't want to leave the old one up with the formatting issues in it - that's just shoddy and won't win me any fans. Not sure what to do here - I'll have to sleep on it.

Re-started the short story that died a couple of weeks ago - let's see if this one works better. It's hopefully a totally different spin on the vampire myth.