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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Weekly Round-up

Right. After the mother of all computer malfunctions, I finally have access to the internet again. I still have no idea what the problem was, but the connection suddenly died earlier this evening. Since I'm now way behind on both writing and university assignments, I'm going to post this, go for a bath, and gibber gently until the world becomes a nicer place.

Busy week on travel - hit Manchester, Watford and Bristol. I really like Bristol, it reminds me a lot of Edinburgh with the hills and old, old buildings. If I ever move south of London it would be my pick. The drawback to travelling to this extent? I woke up on Friday morning and it took me nearly five minutes to remember which city I was in.

Was nicely on track until my computer decided demonic possession was the new way forward this evening. Since it is now working again, but appears to have either eaten the assignment I was working on (or transported it to some alternate dimension where I am filthy rich, skinny,  and confused as to why I suddenly have a partially completed power point presentation on stress appearing on my machine.), I am no longer screaming hysterically at a black screen and LSH has stopped hiding in her room.

Apart from Amanda Hocking's Switched, which I seriously recommend, I've also finished The Vampire Kitty- cat Chronicles by Ray Rhamsey (great political satire with some real laugh out loud moments) and the latest J D Robb, Treachery In Death. 
I'm addicted to the J D Robb series, although the only reason I got this was because it was pay day  and I wanted to spoil myself. There is more than one reason Indie writers are burning up the kindle charts, and a big one is price. Great stories at less than £5? Sold. Anything higher on my budget makes me twitchy. So although the book was great, I'm unlikely to buy new releases from main stream publishers because of the price.
I finished The Emperor's Edge by Lindsay Buroker - great read & I recommend this one. I'm starting to pick my reading list based strongly on Indie Book Blogger's recommendations, which is saving me a lot of hunting for good new fantasy.
Currently reading Protector, by Laurel Dewey.

Writing and stuff
Worked a bit on rewrites for the next Crescent book. There are still a couple of paragraphs in the chapter I'm on that clunk a bit for me, so they might have to go. Still struggling with Fur, the vampire short. I think half the problem is the M.C. makes my hands itch. Wanting to bitch slap your protagonist is never a good sign..

Scott was an absolute sweetheart and re-posted his reviews to the new edition of WolfSong, which is brilliant.
 He has now joined twitter. You can find him under the user name @indiebookblogge.
 I did a second round of interview questions of my interview on Indie Book Blogger - we'll be giving away a copy of the book when he posts the interview, so quite excited and hoping this drums up a bit more interest. (Also known as  Praying to Gods of Kindle).

Jeffrey M Poole, author of The Bakkian Chronicles, is offering help on technical issues and formatting over at - great looking site as well. Considering I'm about as technical as a small drunken goldfish, this is huge. Thanks, Mr. Poole!

Mood: Computers hate me.